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People let all kinds of things stop them from pursuing their dreams. Many of these reasons are legitimate, good reasons to at least slow down and think before jumping off the deep end. Some holdbacks are not reasons but excuses, and these, too, seem to have the power over some to keep their dreaming at bay, forever in the calm, safe zone when the waves are calling, mocking them.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I really want to follow my dream, but I just don’t have time.”

Prepare to be freed from your chains.

We are busy people. I know you already understand what it is like to be busy. We are in a very busy season of life right now, and we have been for two years running.

You are busy, whether or not you are chasing your dreams.

If you are going to be really busy, does it not follow that you should be busy doing something that matters to you?

The Schedule

My day often starts around 3:30 AM, when I get up and make, you guessed it, a cup of coffee. I normally try to have my Bible-reading time now, while all is quiet.

I spend about an hour split between my quiet time and getting anything done that I can to get a jump on my day. Sometimes I respond to emails, create a social media post to go out a bit later, place an order for supplies needed at the shop, or work on the team-member schedule for the following week. There is always something I can do or at least start which takes some pressure off later.

For me, checking something off my list is energizing.

Start Early

I highly recommend getting an early start and knocking out as much as possible before the real hustle begins. I find that if I get something done during this time, it helps to set the tone for the day, and I don’t feel like I’m running behind.

Nothing feels better at the start of a day than checking something off of my to-do list.

By 4:30 AM, it’s to the shower to get ready for the day. I’m ready and making a second cup of coffee at 5:00. My goal is to leave the house by 5:00, but it’s usually closer to 5:10 when I actually get away.

I know I’m not the only one.

This is the part of my day which reminds me of Will Smith’s character in “The Pursuit of Happiness” when he says “This is the part of my life I call ‘running’,” or something to that effect. He actually then runs to his appointment for which he was late leaving.

I drive to work, I don’t run.

The reasons I am late are never my own fault…My keys walked away from where I left them. The dog needed to go outside before I left. I was on a roll with my task I started before my shower and late getting ready.

I arrive at the shop around 5:30 AM, and start getting us ready for business. Stacy and I still work in the shop. At least one of us is there, working in a position, every day. We absorb about 10 or so hours of labor per day between us.

That is another post for another day.

By 6:00 AM we are open for business and I am normally working in a position until at least 1:30 PM.

Relative Freedom

After that it’s on to run errands whether we need something from the grocery store, hardware store, bank, or wherever. There is always at least one errand to run. Sometimes this portion of my day is devoted to putting out a fire that has emerged during the day at some point. Yay.

  • A Crucial Repair issue surfaces – heading to the hardware store to make something work
  • A Supply runs low and it’s too long until more is coming – headed to Walmart
  • Someone has an issue and cannot work one of their shifts – texting team members to find someone to work
  • Our three, handwritten menus need to be updated – where did I put that chalk pen?
  • Something needs to be done at the shop that only I can do – duty calls
  • I need to call people back who want special orders pricing and information – How much do I have in it? What’s the fair profit margin? On to calling them back to finalize the order

And on and on it goes – you get the idea.

Now I can usually “go home” somewhere between 3 PM – 4 PM depending on errands. I use the phrase “go home” very loosely because there is generally much more work to be done once I get there. This is the administrative part of my job at the shop.

Some of the other administrative tasks for the shop include…

  • Team Member Schedule
  • New Hire Training Schedule
  • Developing Resources for Training or Operations
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Planning
  • Team Member Evaluations
  • Hiring Decisions and Communications
  • Interviews
  • Menu Development

I never run out of things to work on.

The Side Hustle

I serve as a part-time worship leader for our church, so some of this time is dedicated to music planning, service prep, and other administrative tasks associated with my job at the church. My church duties, in addition to the planning and administrative things that I do from home, include two services and choir rehearsal on Sundays and one service on Wednesday evenings. I typically spend about 15-20 hours per week on church-related duties.


We have two wonderful children, whom we homeschool. Stacy does most of the teaching, while I spend more time at the shop, but we are both involved in both places. Homeschooling is flexible, but does require quite a bit of time. Making it all work is not easy, but it is worth it.

Sometimes, Stacy gets up early and goes into the shop to open, and I stay home to get the kids’ day started. Then, I head to the shop with the kids where they have breakfast and get their studies started while Stacy finishes up some things there.

Stacy and the kids head home to continue the school day, and I stay at the shop working until about 3:00 PM on these days. Stacy works on things for this blog and the shop in between teaching the kids, and somehow, we are able to get a lot done.

It does often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. Many days, even if there were more hours, I don’t know that I could do more. I am usually just too tired to even think about doing more. I work until I am too exhausted to keep working.

Sometimes when we are just too tired to keep going, Stacy and I put on a one of our favorite movies and fall asleep on the couch, pretending to watch it. We joke about how many nights it takes us to finish a movie.

Seriously, it can take up to a week to get in one movie. Some have yet to be finished…

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re waiting to chase your dream when you “have more time”, you may never arrive at that point. Why not start now?

Again, you’re already busy – why not be busy doing something you truly enjoy, something you love! Let’s chase that dream together!

What does your hustle look like? Comment and let us know! We can encourage one another!

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