Something about the Christmas season brings out the coffee drinkers! We enjoy different coffees and coffee drinks during the holidays. Here are some things that we have experienced as small coffee shop owners! #christmascoffee, #coffeeshop, #givecoffee |
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Coffee Shops and the Holidays

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What is it about this time of the year that makes coffee shops buzz with excitement and increased business?

Whatever it is, it’s all about the coffee!

In our business, this is the time of year that we see SO MANY new faces on a daily basis. It is very clear that people who do not drink coffee at a coffee shop the rest of the year definitely do around Christmas. There is no other time of year quite like it. People just enjoy coffee more around this time.

Flavored Coffees

A large contributor to the increased interest around coffee during the holidays is flavored coffee. We actually don’t stock any flavored coffees at our shop most of the year. However, beginning just before Thanksgiving, we get some flavored coffee ordered and available for purchase both as a drip coffee beverage, and also in 12 oz bags.

It doesn’t take more than just a mention on Facebook and adding the flavored drip coffee to our specials menu, and people start showing up asking for it!

Seasonal Lattes

We love to run monthly special lattes which coincide with the season we are in. There is no better time to do this than during fall and during Christmas.

Starting in the fall, we, like everyone else, start highlighting some kind of pumpkin spice latte. We also like to introduce other fall flavors like maple or cinnamon. Combining these flavors with others usually works out to make the best special drinks. Our talented bakers are a huge help with this.

During the Christmas season, we continue to offer fall-like flavors and add peppermint, peppermint mochas or peppermint white mochas, and usually one more holiday flavor to the mix. This year we are offering a latte with gingerbread and white chocolate.

It is worth mentioning that the name of something usually sells it more than the flavors themselves. If you can come up with a name for a flavored coffee or a seasonal coffee drink which captures the guests’ attention enough for them to ask about it, they usually end up purchasing one.

For instance, our latte which includes maple is called a Maple Fireside Latte. Our gingerbread and white chocolate latte is called a Frosted Gingerbread Latte. We get lots of questions about these since the names are interesting, and we end up selling more because of the name.

Gifts and Special Items

During the gift-giving season, we see a lot of interest in offering special items which we do not normally have the rest of the year, and of course, gift cards.

There is no other time of year when we sell as many gift cards as we do in the month of December. Gift cards, especially gift cards where someone can come to treat themselves, make great, well-received, easy to execute gifts.

This took me by surprise a little bit last year, and I was upset with myself because there were a couple of days that we ran out of gift cards. I decided not to let that happen this year – I ordered an extra 175 in October. We are ready to rumble. I love selling gift cards because the recipient, many times, is someone who has never been to our shop. This gives us the opportunity to gain a new long-term customer!

We offer coffee and baked good-themed gift baskets for special order during the Christmas season as well. This offers a chance to make someone’s day by providing a truly thoughtful, beautifully presented gift for them to give. Gift baskets are a great way to take advantage of the holidays and win new customers all at the same time!

Another Christmas item which has become a tradition now at Sourdough Cuppa Joe is our Christmas Cookie Decorating Kits. For people who love to decorate cookies with their kids, but don’t really enjoy rolling out the cookies or coloring the icing themselves, these are the perfect solution.

Something about the Christmas season brings out the coffee drinkers! We enjoy different coffees and coffee drinks during the holidays than the rest of the year. Here are some things that we have experienced as small coffee shop owners! #christmascoffee, #coffeeshop, #givecoffee |

We make these kits with a dozen made-in-house sugar cookies. Each kit also includes 3 piping bags of icing and 3 cups of Christmas-colored sprinkles. We always have a lot of requests for these, and we have some readily available through the season and also offer to reserve them for call-ahead orders.

Merry Christmas

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